The highest level of background screening available.

All available public records are searched thoroughly when a candidate is offered a position. We provide direct access to Private Investigation services as part of the employment process. When you hire through us, you'll know who you are allowing into your home.

Search reports are customized for each position and can include:

Applicant Verification Report: Using the name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number supplied by your applicant, the Applicant Verification Report helps you verify the accuracy of the information and identify potential fraud.

National Criminal Database Report: The National Criminal Database Report accesses criminal conviction, sexual offender registry, and Department of Corrections records from across the United States and provides information on any matches related to your applicant.

Motor Vehicle Driving Record (MVR) Reports: An MVR report on your applicant provides instant access to driving records and driver's license status.

Nationwide Court Search: This search enables us to obtain criminal histories for the candidate within the county, state, and federal court records wherever the applicant has lived. Trained court researchers will be dispatched to over 3,000 courts across the country to retrieve the most current information and deliver it electronically to us.

Credit Reports: A credit report for employment screening may give valuable insight into a potential employee’s financial responsibility. Credit reports are not run automatically, but clients may decide to use this tool for their hiring decision with full FCRA compliance. Your staffing specialist can help you make this decision.


If you have any questions or special requests for background screening, our process can be fully customized to your needs. Feel free to call or email with any inquiries about is possible.