Privacy and Communications Policies

 Important: The following list outlines our privacy and communications policy with all registered applicants at DPN.


Privacy Policy

All materials and information submitted to DPN are filed and maintained according to legal standards and industry best practices. Data sent through our website application is not public and may only be accessed by our employees.

Your contact information is not shared with or sold to any outside party at any time. Relevant information may be shared with our associates and representatives during the staffing process.


Contact with all applicants follow the terms of our Communications Policy below:

1. By registering as an applicant you authorize us to communicate with you by EMAIL at our discretion. Emails may include:

a. Application information and confirmation of document submissions.

b. Requests for more information and/or updates of your employment status and application data.

c. Announcements of any changes to company policy and procedures.

d. General industry related news or announcements.

e. Job Openings sent to you individually or as a general announcement.

2. Telephone and Fax protocol:

a. We return all telephone calls when a message is left with clear contact information. It is appropriate to follow up after 3 business days if your call has not been returned.

b. We accept faxed information 24/7. We do not reply to unsolicited faxes. Please call before sending materials by fax.

3. Email protocol:

a. We try to respond to every email received. It is appropriate to follow up by telephone within 5 business days for any unanswered emails.

b. There are several problems with email communication, including wrong or old addresses, spam filters, etc. Make sure you can receive any mail sent to you from our site. (

c. Do not report our emails as spam. We will gladly remove your name from the email list at any time. Please call or email your request to be removed.