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Chad Shuford, Head of Estate Management Companies: Staffing & Advisory

Estate Management, Modernized

The estate management industry is progressing from its traditional model – where individual estate managers support individual UHNW families – to a more compelling, agile model where companies provide estate management-as-a-service (‘EMaaS’) to many households in a select neighborhood or region. EMaaS is a superior service and a greater value for principals, and a more enjoyable career path for experienced estate managers. An unprecedented demand for professional home management services fueled by busier lifestyles, generational preferences, a greater awareness of the benefits of EMaaS, and the growing number of affluent households in the US is driving the modernization of this essential but antiquated service.

DPN has been tracking the emergence of EMaaS and supporting the companies pioneering the service, whether it be luxury home builders providing this as a post-construction offering to their clients, experienced estate managers fractionalizing themselves over many homes, or venture-backed tech-enabled services providing one-stop, proactive solutions to households. We recognize that EMaaS is the future of home ownership and we are excited to be the first agency with a practice focusing exclusively on bringing qualified professionals and best practices to these companies.

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Estate Management Companies

Your Success is our Business

Our staffing and advisory work extends across North America from Custom Home Builders to Bespoke Estate Management providers. We are happy to have an introduction call to discuss your need for:

Staffing: From experienced Estate Management Professionals to Account Managers

Best Practices and Tech: From your service offering and your organizational structure to your operating software

Growth: Business development strategies, customer density strategies, strategic partnerships

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Estate Services Applicants

Professional Home Management Opportunities

Our new division specializing in Estate Care and Home Services is actively recruiting for positions throughout the USA. Ideal candidates will have several proficiencies and an impeccable work history in the following skill areas:

  • High level client interaction
  • Eye for detail and spotting both mechanical & aesthetic issues
  • Technology proficient for communications, scheduling, and operations
  • Management experience and excellent rapport with staff, upper management, and vendors
  • Genuine care for clients and properties to be in optimal condition for enjoyment
  • Problem solving, solutions based thinking with a positve approach

If you are the "best of the best" and want to explore a career with one of our Estate Services clients, please inquire with an attached resume and letter of introduction.