Completed Placement Examples

The following are highlights of unique placements with a variety of clients throughout the USA.

Seattle, WA

General Manager - Residential Services

This extremely high level client with multiple, complex properties and business interests sought an overall manager for their personal holdings. Over the course of six months we worked closely with the interim manager in the role to source a brilliant international candidate. 

The new director role was responsible for the properties and services across a broad portfolio of personal residences, transportation fleets, distinguished guests and events, grand collections of art and valuables, and more. The manager oversaw hundreds of staff in a multi-layer service organization. 


Central Colorado

Ranch Management Couple

Our returning private family client sought a Ranch Management Team with responsibility for all ranch operations such as land management, labor force, horses, cattle, structures, homes, equipment, and staff, and, running all hospitality programs for the owners and their guests.

This is a very remote property of approx. 1200 acres with an expansive, log cabin style main home, offering a quiet lifestyle in natural wildlife surroundings.

We recruited an incredible couple with the range of experience necessary. The new managers  keep the property in 5-star, guest ready condition throughout the year. They are very hands-on with items like snow removal, maintenance of ranch vehicles and equipment, mending fences, overseeing horses, ponds, and forest areas. The managers also handle the finances and reporting for budget items and expenses.

San Diego, CA

C-Level Executive Assistant

Our corporate client sought a top level Executive Assistant to CEO of their rapidly growing public company. This position demands the highest levels of competence and discretion with flexibility in schedule and duties. This role is the "right hand" to the CEO for all private and public interaction, travel, and lifestyle. Exceptional experience and references are required. After an extensive search and lengthy interview process, the clients hired one of our top recommendations from a partner agency in the Los Angeles area. The new candidate was assisted with relocation and settled in San Diego for their intense, fast paced position that included extensive international travel.

Chicago, IL

Private Chef

This mature couple client, still active in the financial sector, sought a full time chef for daily dinner service, full kitchen management, prepared foods, and some small events on occasion. A number of important dietary considerations must be adhered to while making fresh, flavorful meals, and a pleasant, discreet applicant was needed. We sourced several top, local candidates and offered the client a variety of cooking skills and personalities to successfully fill the role.

This Chicago client came to us on a personal referral and we walked them through the entire process of interviewing, trialing, and selecting a fantastic, experienced, local candidate.

Austin, TX

Estate Manager

Our client sought a top level Estate Manager to run their lakefront home and take their lifestyle to the next level. The EM will coordinate with current staff, vendors, and additional hires as necessary to run the newly built, high tech home. This is the family's primary residence and some duties and projects will be required for other properties as well. Privacy and discretion are paramount and the service flow will be a critical element of the employers' lifestyle. The position includes extensive luxury and adventure travel planning, collections, and thoughtful anticipation of purchases and luxury experiences. This part of the job requires a very worldly and savvy coordinator.

We successfully placed a top candidate after an on-site visit and in-depth consultation with the client to create the new role. 

Central Nebraska

Estate Management Couple

Our Top level private client sought a property and hospitality manager for a vacation residence/ranch. We suggested and introduced a couple team with the required skills and more potential than an individual in the role. The fit was perfect for everyone and the couple relocated to run the property more efficiently and provide additional guest services for the enjoyment of owners and guests. The clients now enjoy their vacation property with extended stays for family and guests, knowing there is a competent team in place to offer all services, hospitality, and security.