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House Manager

Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole, WY. Fantastic employer seeks an all-around, hands-on House Manager to care for their large, remote residence. Full duties include overseeing all aspects of upkeep and maintenance and providing top notch service to the employers and guests while in residence. Wide ranging duties to include:

  • See to the needs of the employer and their guests with the highest level of service
  • Assist chef with grocery shopping and keep kitchen organized, pantry and refrigerator stocked
  • Set table/serve meals
  • Occasional bartending as needed
  • Daily inspection of exterior of property
  • Pet care: walking, feeding, grooming (the family has a large, friendly dog)
  • Clean and reset fireplaces, restock firewood
  • Set up outdoor furniture daily, take in cushions when rain expected
  • Daily graces on housekeeper days off. (Includes: making bed, general tidying, fresh towels in     bathroom, light cleaning, reset rooms, etc.)
  • Maintenance of vehicles (gas, wash, etc.)
  • Assist with housekeeping duties as required
  • Maintain kitchen/household inventory (liquor, pantry goods, etc.)
  • Inventory and restock household goods, utility items, paper goods, light bulbs, etc.
  • Special projects as needed
  • Collect mail, packages and newspapers and distribute as needed
  • Errands as requested
  • Schedule and arrange for routine automobile maintenance as necessary, including fueling and cleaning inside and out
  • Empty trash throughout property daily
  • Periodically drive employer and guests
  • Answer phones, take accurate messages; receive visitors and guests 

Excellent pay and benefits offered based on experience. Full detials to qualified candidates. 


Domestic Couple

Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Hills, CA. Mature employers are looking for a full-time/live-on the property Household Manager/Cook or a Domestic Couple for their 12,000sq ft gated home.  The principals have had staff in the past and are looking for the right fit.  The most import part of this position is the ability to cook basic good meal, create tasty baked goods, and drive at night. One of the team must be good at maintenance; trouble shoot electrical, plumbing, working with outside contracts, etc. 

A fully furnished studio apartment (suite) that is approximately 1,200 sq ft with a large private balcony is provided. The normal work schedule will consist of 5 working days with 2 days off per week.  Typically, the days off will be Sunday and Monday.  However, flexibility is a must.

Please inquire for full details. Competitive salary up to $150k as a team. 



SB pic

Filled 2/17/22 | House and Property Manager

Montecito, CA

Montecito, CA, 40 acre property with a main house, guest house, and an adjacent property with an additional building under construction. Features include pool and pond, extensive landscaping, well, solar, generators, and home automation. The home is generally informal but proper service and guest hosting are expected.



Flexible hours are required, especially when owners are in residence. Full, daily service for meals and guest visits into evening hours. Typical weekday work schedule and balancing of time off when owners are away. Must be available locally for emergency and alarm response.



Chef is in house a few times per week and with guests / gatherings. Assist with all meal service including setting tables, serving and clearing food, and kitchen cleaning.
Help chef with guest preferences and hosting for meals and gatherings.
All food shopping for the house and general kitchen stocking. (Chef shops for meal ingredients.)



Be familiar with and be handy/hands on with operating all smart home tech including alarm system, Lutron, WiFi, A/V, HVAC, computers, and personal devices.
Mechanical systems including well, back-up generators, and pool.



Coordinate all periodic services for cleaning of home. (Part time, long-term housekeepers employed)
Cleaning in-between housekeeper visits.
Hands-on support to repair and maintain all furniture and fixtures.
Oversee all vendors and outside services for seasonal tasks, repairs, painting, etc.
Stock and replace lights throughout home.
Stock all supplies for laundry, cleaning, and maintenance.
Purchase flowers and work with owners to place arrangements.
Assist housekeepers with heavy lifting and physical tasks.



Work with all landscape services for weekly and seasonal maintenance, planting, and ornamental changes. Direct plant care and weed abatement.
Setup and maintenance of all outdoor areas including blowing/sweeping patios and furniture upkeep and storage. Lifting and moving / rearranging heavy items.
Auto maintenance and cleaning as needed. Take vehicles to local wash and keep serviced.



Current construction underway on art studio/additional guest house on adjacent property.
Direct liaison between owners and construction teams.
Research and present bids on various upgrades and maintenance throughout the property.
Maintain all vendor contacts and records.


Additional support to owners

Research and price various household items, vehicles, and services.
Shopping and errands as requested.
Review all invoices and expenses with owner and coordinate records with accountant.
Maintain household manual with task calendar and related service records.
Complete tasks and items from employer lists as requested.


General qualifications

Available for immediate hire.
Must live in or easily relocate to Santa Barbara area.
Verifiable, recent references with similar private employers.
USA work authorization.
Physical capabilities relevant to hands-on work as described.
Covid vaccination.
Non-Smokers only.


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