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Are you hiring correctly?
The concept is simple: You need help, and want the best. But now what? Run an ad for resumes? Ask a friend for referrals? All are possibilities, but the work and the expertise rests on your own shoulders. Do you know the EEOC laws and guidelines for advertising and interviewing? Can you write a job description that sets you up for long term success after the hire? Are you familiar with the legal guidelines for paying private staff in your state? Do you know which background services do in-person county courthouse searches? Do you know the list of names in the industry that are considered to be "trouble cases"? We do.


Time is on your side - Finally!
Your time is best spent as an expert in your own business or talent, not learning the many nuances of screening potential private staff. In all other areas, from car maintenance to banking, you put the right tasks in the hands of specialists, and hiring staff should be no exception. We are the ones to take you through the process without sacrificing your own time and talent.


Hire on a feeling? Trust your gut? Not on our watch!
The connection you sense when meeting an applicant is important, but without the rest of the components in place, your "good feeling" hire could be a disaster waiting to happen. So many components make up a good hire, it is essential to have someone on your side with a thoroughly objective viewpoint. Our job seems more like detective than matchmaker as we go through all the elements of a candidate's history. Your goal is to be comfortable and "connect" with potential employees, and we'll be there to cover your back, handling all the "behind-the-scenes" data.


We're a small firm doing things right.
Our standards are high, because we know yours are too. We accept very few clients, and take an in-depth, customized approach to your specific needs. We turn down or refer jobs that don't meet current, professional standards for employing the best in the business. Our core value is integrity, which we demand from all of our applicants. That's easy for anyone to say, but we've been proving it over the last 20 years. We're recognized as the industry's highest standard for conducting business with clients, candidates, and even competitors!

Give us a call and we'll help you craft a win-win employment situation for the long term. When you're ready to do it right, we're ready to get to work. Call now, or contact us through the website for more information.

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With an unmatched network of professional domestic employees and industry experts we provide access to top candidates nationwide. You'll receive the most complete search possible, supported by an in-depth background investigation and a replacement guarantee. Your new hire is virtually risk free!

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